• We’ve come a long way, Baby…

    Despite the many gains women have made with respect to basic areas of development such as voting, education, and in the workplace, areas at the top such as business or political leadership, show in fact a widening gap.
  • What Mae has taught us

    Since we first formulated Mae we have learned so much more about our product including how health professionals are recommending its usage and how women are using it.
  • Something about Mary

    I will always remember the moment I first breastfed my daughter. It didn’t feel like anything was happening except for these small tugs at my breast. Like many mothers I experienced dryness and bleeding. I always worried about the steroid creams and other topical pain killers, that's why we invented Mary.
  • Our Bodies, Wellness & Aging: A Chat with Chia Chia Sun

    Chia Chia Sun is a pharmaceutical executive turned women’s health entrepreneur.We caught up with Chia Chia to learn more about what happens as our bodies age, and the company she founded.
  • International Women’s Day

    At Damiva our products are inspired by our heroines and on International Women’s Day, I thought I would share some history about women we think about every day.
  • Why Kegels Could be Bad for You

    Attention to our pelvic health is important for women as we age. Many women work with a pelvic health physiotherapist to treat diverse conditions.
  • I just Slept 8 Hours and I'm Still Tired

    On days when I do sleep less, it’s really hard to make up those hours, and I’m quite worried about being plagued with the sleep problems that many women tell me about.
  • Why Preservatives are Bad for Your Vagina

    Chemical preservatives have been shown to disrupt hormone function. 3 common chemicals found in food preservatives - contribute to disruption of our hormones and may lead to obesity and possibly fetal defects.
  • Can I Prevent Vaginal Dryness? 3 Things to Know

    After menopause, the majority of women will indeed have vaginal dryness. Think of it like wrinkles; we are bound to get them. Hormonal decline is causing a loss of moisture in your body.
  • I Thought pH was for Science Class, Not My Vagina...

    Like the rest of the skin on our bodies, our labia and vagina have an acid mantle that protects against the wrong bacteria. An imbalance in the acidity level can cause bacteria, yeast or fungus to flourish.
  • After Effects of Childbirth

    In addition to the tremendous physical changes (and sometimes trauma) our vaginas go through during childbirth, the hormonal ones can cause vaginal dryness while they return to their normal levels.
  • 3 Important Things to Know about Pelvic Health

    Our pelvic floor is a group of inter-connected muscles and tissue that support our visceral organs. Having a routine pelvic health exam is a must for every woman in her late 30s and beyond.