The Damiva Difference.

Ever heard or seen the terms “natural”, "green", "clean", "no harsh chemicals" or "no preservatives" or "no fillers" tossed around in the beauty and cosmetics world?

While most use them as catchy marketing phrases, most products have harmful chemicals.


Here's a quick tip:

If there's water in a creme, lotion, moisturizer, or balm, it's packed with preservatives to keep bacteria at bay. Because water is a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

And that is how Damiva is different.

Damiva Walks the Walk.

Thanks to rigorous research, we're proud to hold the patents for creating 100% natural topical products without a drop of water or hint of chemicals. These aren’t just patents; they're a testament to our dedication. They're proof that we're not just about the talk – we truly deliver.

At Damiva, we're on a mission to bring you and women everywhere skin and fem care that is genuinely natural, free from chemicals, and perfect for every stage of life.

Why? Because you deserve products that not only work but are also good for your health.

Our patents are your reassurance that with Damiva, your long-term health & beauty is always front and center.

Best Ingredients, No Chemicals

We believe in purity and authenticity for every woman's skincare journey.  We use only the finest natural ingredients that mother earth provides, and our water-free formulas ensure undiluted goodness with zero chemicals. Damiva’s skin care products never contain phthalates, parabens, sulfates or any other chemicals. For you and our environment.

Less is more, Simple is good

We stand by the philosophy that less truly means more. Fewer ingredients reduce the risk of skin irritation. With no water, we pack in more nourishing oils and plant butters. And without chemicals, your skin enjoys pure health. For you to dive into our minimalist yet abundant & potent care.

All skin types, every age

At Damiva every woman finds her perfect match, regardless her skin type or regardless of age. Our carefully crafted products are for you to have radiant, healthy skin at every life stage.

Cruelty free, no animal testing,  vegan

At Damiva, our water-free skincare is rooted in compassion. We're proudly cruelty-free, never testing on animals, and 100% vegan. Cherish your skin with kindness and ethical beauty.

Non toxic packaging, less package

We've reimagined packaging for you and the planet. By switching from conventional containers to thin sachets, we've managed to use 50% less material and substantially cut waste. While ensuring product freshness each time you use it. With no chemical preservatives and non-toxic packaging, Damiva skincare is as kind to Earth as it is to your skin. Embrace this eco-friendly shift with us!

Balanced pH for your skin's harmony

Our skin's surface naturally leans towards a slightly acidic pH of 4.5 to 5.5, creating what's known as the 'acid mantle'.

This pH mantle serves as a shield against harmful bacteria, ensuring our skin's health and resilience. A consistent pH balance is key, as it promotes the wellness of beneficial bacteria (skin flora) and the skin's protective barrier against external stressors. 

However, skincare products can disrupt this balance. If a product's pH varies greatly from our skin's, it can weaken this shield, causing irritation, dryness, or breakouts. 

An inconsistent pH can impact the skin's healing ability and the effectiveness of skincare ingredients, leading to diminished results or adverse reactions.

Damiva products are meticulously pH-balanced, they are a perfect match for your skin pH.

Skin Flora Friendly™

Our skin is truly remarkable. It's not just a barrier against the outside world; it's a living, breathing ecosystem, home to billions of microorganisms. This complex community, known as the skin microbiome or skin flora, plays a crucial role in our skin's health, appearance, and function. Just like a lush forest or a vibrant coral reef, our skin microbiome thrives best when it's in balance. Damiva's products support and foster the skin flora. Damiva's products are skin flora friendly™.

Hormone Free & Hormone Disruptor Free. Peace of Mind.

Hormones play intricate roles in our bodies, influencing everything from growth and mood to skin health. Our endocrine system, a collection of glands producing hormones, maintains a delicate balance.

External hormones, even in small amounts, can potentially disrupt this equilibrium, leading to skin issues or broader health concerns.

Some people, especially those with specific medical conditions, hormone-related disorders, or those undergoing treatments, may need to avoid external hormones as a precaution.

Knowing you're using products that are hormone-free and free of hormone disrupting chemicals can offer a sense of tranquility and assurance, especially if you are consciously avoiding potential disruptors in your daily routines.