What Mae has taught us

What Mae has taught us

Since we first formulated Mae - a process that took 2 years - we have learned so much more about our product including how health professionals are recommending its usage and how women are using it. We’re passing on some of the top 3 tips that we have learned from our collaborators and customers.

Tip #1

Many pelvic health professionals have told us that they recommend a “bolus” of Mae usage of one ovule every day for 10 days. This helps give an extra boost to vaginal circulation. After the first 10 to 14 days of usage, we recommend one ovule every 2 to 3 days, with a maximum of one per day.

Tip #2

To prevent the ovule from falling out, women have employed a couple of techniques such as: 1) Using the ovule at night-time when our bodies are at rest if you’re an active person or 2) Using Mae during the day when our body temperature is higher as many women’s vaginal temperature drops at night.

Tip #3

Mae can be used prior to intercourse. We recommend up to an hour in advance although 10 minutes in advance should work for most women, as it takes about that long for the ovule to dissolve.

If you have any tips for us that we haven’t mentioned, please email us at hello@damiva.com and we will not only add them to our database but also send you a free box of Mae!

Thank you to all the lovely women who have helped Damiva on our journey of making the best all-natural products for women’s health!