Why Water Free?

Water-free is toxin-free: for you and the planet.

Water is a potential breeding ground for bacteria. This is why cremes, lotions, moisturizers, balms that contain water require chemical preservatives that kill bacteria and microbes. The problem is: These chemicals are toxic.

And you know what toxic chemicals do to your skin and health. And the environment.

Water-free is more value.

Our products are made with 100% plant oils and plant butters - because we don’t dilute them with water and cheap chemicals.

Did you know that water-based creams, lotions, balms and moisturizers from other brands contain up to 80% water, sometimes even 95%? The rest are chemicals and a drop or so of oil or a tiny amount of natural ingredients that they then focus their marketing on.  How much does water cost? 

We use zero water and deliver the undiluted potency of 100% plant oils and butters.

Water-free: more convenient, always fresh.

Because there is no water in the product, the product is much richer. You need less product. This means when you take our product with you, it needs less space in your purse, bag or suit case. And it is lighter!

Water-free: because water dries your skin out

Water dries skin out and washes out salts that retain moisture. It also affects the natural skin barrier. Washing the face or applying a water-based product will generally draw out moisture from the skin, a process called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

It’s one of the marketing miracles of the big cosmetic industry to make and sell products that contain water (which dries out our skin and affects the skin barrier) saying they are moisturizing and good for the skin. 

Our products do not contain water. They are made from emollient plant butters and oils that moisturize your skin and help it retain moisture. And support it form the protective skin barrier.

Join the water-free, chemical-free Revolution!

For years, chemicals ruled the fem care and cosmetic industry. But now, women in from every chapter of life are asking for change.

These woman have seen their friends and loved ones get sick and suffer because their chemical loads are too high. Doctors have counseled them to go chemical free in their skin care routine.

So they want safety. Safety is not a privilege; it's a right. Every woman deserves products free from hormone disruptors and harmful chemicals. It's not just about looking good; it's about genuine health, authentic beauty, and unbridled joy.

A new community emerges. Women who want to live in tune with their natural rhythms. They're not just following a trend; they're leading a revolution. As a pioneer in the industry, Damiva offers what women have been yearning for: 100% all-natural, chemical-free fem care and cosmetics.

Thousands have already switched. They’re choosing undiluted, chemical-free products. The result? A renewed sense of healthy beauty, of feeling good in your skin, and getting the boom boom back into your life; proving age is just a number.
In this movement, with Damiva at the helm, skin and fem care are being reborn — universal, timeless, and pure.