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Chia Chia Sun
Chia Chia Sun

Who Are We?

Damiva was founded by two people — Chia Chia Sun, CEO, and Gardiner Smith, President — who have a lot in common. They're partners who are pharmaceutical business executives and share a passion for making healthy products for women's health.

Damiva is a women's health company making 100% natural products for a women. Damiva started when Chia Chia Sun was shocked to discover that the women's products on the drugstore shelf contained so many chemicals.

When she found out that 85% of women in menopause have vaginal dryness and that the dryness worsens over time, her obvious question was:

"What would I use for the next 30 years?"

She wanted a product that was safe, chemical free and hormone free, and when she realized that no such product existed, Chia Chia and Gardiner decided they would remedy the situation. Now it's become their shared passion and making healthy, 100% natural products for women's health and beauty at any age.

MaeCleo100% Natural ingredients

We believe in making products that are completely natural

That means no faux natural and that also means products that are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. We test every batch lot for pathogens and routinely audit our suppliers for ethical and sustainable practices.

Our Vision

We've worked hard to make our products as beneficial not only for you but for our planet, while also advocating for women and staying true to our core values.

Always 100% Natural

Our definition of 100% natural is that we use ingredients that are only found in nature

Ethically sourced

We ensure that our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that have ethical labour practices and sustainable harvesting.


We use non-toxic plant ingredients, packaging certified by Forestry Stewardship Council and plant ink dyes.

UN Millenium goals

We ascribe to these 8 goals, along with our partner, Kathy Ireland and her Worldwide team, to work together to improve conditions for children and women.


We are committed to being transparent about our business practices and products.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Our products are vegan and never tested on animals.


Whenever there's a taboo, we want to stomp on it!

Made by women for women

We make products from the female-centric view and name them after our heroines and icons, including women in science, Hollywood and history.

Breaking the Silence

Chia Chia’s vision for women’s health is one in which women feel free to talk about health issues including taboo topics surrounding vaginal dryness, menopause, aging, polycystic ovary disease and other conditions. As a dedicated taboo abolisher and CEO, she is committing the latter half of her life to improving women’s health, beginning with 100% natural products.

UN Millennium Goals

We ascribe to the United Nations’ Millennium Development goals, along with our partner, Kathy Ireland and her Worldwide team, to work together to improve conditions for children and women.