Hand lotion? Hand treatment? The answer is 100%.

Angie is a 100% natural hand lotion without water and with zero chemicals. Each sachet contains lotion for 5-7 days to moisturize your hand.

Angie helps maintain and restore your skin's natural flora. Angie was specifically formulated to hydrate and lock in moisture. 

More value, more convenience, and better for the environment!


More value because Angie is water-free.

Other hand creams, lotions, balms and moisturizers are made with water. And those products contain up to 80% water, sometimes even 95%. (How much does water cost, you may wonder.) 

We use zero water in Angie and deliver the undiluted potency of 100% plant oils and butters.

Because there is no water in Angie, you will feel that Angie is MUCH richer. You need MUCH less product. Each sachets will give you enough hand lotion for 5-7 days.

Wherever you go: There's always space for Angie

Light and small because Angie is water-free

Because there is no water in the Angie, a little goes a long way. That's why the sachet form is so convenient: You always got Angie at hand: put it in your purse, in your car, in your sport or overnight bag - it is light and needs almost no space! Gone are the times for heavy clunky pump bottles or plastic containers that take a lot of space. This format allows you to take Angie with you wherever you go!

Less packaging and no chemicals

Better for the planet because Angie is water-free

Our water-free, chemical-free undiluted formulas, together with Angie's thin sachets are better for the planet.

Packaging was reduced by 50% compared to pump bottles and there are no toxic chemicals in product or packaging that would go into our environment.

Angie contains ten 100% natural ingredients, and nothing else. Chemical-free. Water-free.


My hands are always dry. I have never found anything that truly moisturized my hands until now. I love Angie hand lotion. It has saved my hands. Feels wonderful and smells wonderful! ❤️

Susan G.

Verified Purchase

I love how soft Angie makes my hands feel and it absorbs deeply into my skin

Trudy C.

Verified Purchase

Being a mom, I am constantly getting my hands wet and using harsh products like soaps.

Thanks to Angie my hands are always soft and beautiful no matter what I do! I like placing the satchels in the fridge since it soothes any aches from my day.

Laura S.

Verified Purchase

Angie completely soothed and smoothed the dry, scaly skin on my hands. It even helped the dryness around my cuticles

Gretta H.

Verified Purchase

Angie is 100% hand sanitizer relief!!

Carla M.

Verified Purchase

I use Angie every night to help my hands heal from the daily toll of soaps, cleansers, and sanitizer. I love how soft Angie makes my hands feel and it absorbs deeply into my skin.

Melissa K.

Verified Purchase

This product keeps my hands hydrated for a WHILE! I love that it's vegan and all natural. Thanks!

Brenda K.

Verified Purchase

Angie is so practical and easy to use. They come in little sachets that I can place in my car, purse, at work, or anywhere I need. I have very sensitive skin and this product is the only one that never irritates me. Would definitely recommend.

Gretchen T.

Verified Purchase

Get Your Bloom Back

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself, to radiate joy and confidence, to feel healthy, vibrant and vital from head to toe, and fingertips.

Angie is more than just a hand lotion; it's your ally for natural beauty, natural health, rediscovering joy, cultivating comfort, and feeling good about yourself. Angie is your companion in rejoicing in your femininity at every stage of life.

Make Angie a part of your nightly ritual and let the all-natural ingredients work their way for you, as a treatment. Or take Angie whenever needed for immediate effect. Angie has been a game changer for many hands, and is loved by so many women for one reason: They got their bloom back with Angie.

It'll help you get your bloom back, too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Join the water-free, chemical-free Revolution!

For years, chemicals ruled the fem care and cosmetic industry. But now, women in from every chapter of life are asking for change.

These woman have seen their friends and loved ones get sick and suffer because their chemical loads are too high. Doctors have counseled them to go chemical free in their skin care routine.

So they want safety. Safety is not a privilege; it's a right. Every woman deserves products free from hormone disruptors and harmful chemicals. It's not just about looking good; it's about genuine health, authentic beauty, and unbridled joy.

A new community emerges. Women who want to live in tune with their natural rhythms. They're not just following a trend; they're leading a revolution. As a pioneer in the industry, Damiva offers what women have been yearning for: 100% all-natural, chemical-free fem care and cosmetics.

Thousands have already switched. They’re choosing undiluted, chemical-free products. The result? A renewed sense of healthy beauty, of feeling good in your skin, and getting the boom boom back into your life; proving age is just a number.
In this movement, with Damiva at the helm, skin and fem care are being reborn — universal, timeless, and pure.