Customer Stories

"My sex drive came back! I had two very large babies - and since then nothing has "worked" the same until now. Still not perfect but huge improvement."


"I am so happy I found Mae by Damiva. It is the most wonderful natural product for women. I noticed a difference after only 3 uses."


"It has definitely changed my sex life so it makes me happier...and my husband's happier!"


"I am completely in awe of the challenges that women face at every stage of their lives. I, for one, will fight to find goodness in all of the stages. I will fight to find my value and bring my happiness to the world."


"I was forced to have a hysterectomy at 38. I was not told about vaginal dryness until months after the surgery. My doctor prescribed estrogen and Mae. The very first time I used it I could feel an actual difference, I had immediate relief from the dryness. I had tried other products but could not tolerate the way they acted in my body."


"For so many years I had problem having intercourse, I was always in pain and I thought something was wrong with me. I recently tried Mae and it totally fixed it! My sex drive came back and I feel more confident during sex. I strongly recommend it to all the women out there who suffers, there is a solution and it is called MAE."


Expert Testimonials

After treatment for cancer, my patients find Mae by Damiva helpful.

Lauren Walker, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

My patients have given me great feedback about Damiva products and love to have a natural option!

Meredith Fairbarn, Registered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist