Watch our TV commercial for our testimonials from customers and experts who volunteered because they wanted to spread the word about Mae.  A huge THANK YOU to Carol, CJ, Irene, Marianna and Carolyn!

Mae by Damiva TV Commercial

Mae by Damiva has only 6 ingredients: kokum butter, cocoa butter, sucrose, sea buckthorn extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

All the ingredients in Mae are environmentally sustainable.  Mae does not contain animal ingredients.

Instructions for Use

Remove the plastic wrapper from the ovule.  Discard the plastic wrap, it is NOT an applicator and is used only for sealing the paste and preventing degradation of the natural ingredients.

The ovule is a butter paste that melts upon contact with the vaginal membrane.  Using fingers, insert ovule as far as comfortable.  The paste will melt with body heat and provide genital lubrication.

Risk Information

Mae is not compatible with latex condoms as the oils can degrade the latex.  Do not use Mae if you have any symptoms of vaginal infection, gynecological problems or sexually transmitted disease.  Keep out of reach of children.